20 November 2019

Murdered, Hanged And Lynched: 331 Trans People Killed This Year

Jamie Wareham – Forbes

The Transgender Day of Remembrance: So Much Loss, So Much to Keep Fighting For

Dawn Ennis – The Daily Beast

The Transgender Day of Remembrance honors transgender people who have been murdered and killed. Today, we should remember them, and vow to keep fighting for justice and equality.

17 November 2019

Pillon contestato a Parma: “Quando governeremo in Emila si potranno fare convegni senza che nessuno manifesti contro”

Flavia Amabile – La Stampa

13 November 2019

Trump Impeachment Hearing Live

NowThis News

FIRST IMPEACHMENT HEARING: In explosive testimony, two top U.S. officials will declare under oath that President Trump tried to enlist a foreign power to help him win the 2020 election by holding back $400 million in military aid to an ally being menaced by Russia.

12 November 2019

No more fire in the kitchen: Cities are banning natural gas in homes to save the planet

Elizabeth Weise – USA TODAY

Cities in the U.S., including 13 cities and one California county, are beginning to require electrical stoves to fight climate change.

10 November 2019

Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’

Damian Carrington – The Guardian

Statement sets out ‘vital signs’ as indicators of magnitude of the climate emergency.

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency


Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to “tell it like it is.” On the basis of this obligation and the graphical indicators presented below, we declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency.

9 November 2019

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Granted Class Status in Equal Pay Lawsuit

Andrew Das – The New York Times

A federal judge rejected U.S. Soccer’s argument that no discrimination existed. Megan Rapinoe praised the decision as a validation of their campaign.

6 November 2019

BBC News | Royal Courts of Justice | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion/BBC News

London [06NOV2019] In a judgment handed down on Wednesday morning, Mr Justice Dingemans and Mr Justice Chamberlain said the section 14 order imposed during XR’s “autumn uprising” in October was unlawful.

Sky News | Royal Courts of Justice | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion/Sky News

George Monbiot interview – London [06NOV2019] In a judgment handed down on Wednesday morning, Mr Justice Dingemans and Mr Justice Chamberlain said the section 14 order imposed during XR’s “autumn uprising” in October was unlawful.

25 October 2019

How Russian Antitrust Enforcers Defeated Google’s Monopoly

Matt Stoller

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives keynote speech at mayors event in Denmark

Guardian News

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives a keynote speech at a global mayors event, which is bringing mayors from the world’s largest and most influential cities together in Copenhagen.

Extinction Rebellion protester, 83, arrested at London City airport

Guardian News

Phil Kingston, an 83 year-old climate activist associated with Extinction Rebellion, was arrested during a protest at London City airport on Thursday, 8 October. KIngston, who said he was protesting for his grandchildren and the people of their generation, was one of several people arrested during the demonstration, which organisers say is against the climate impact of flying and the government’s support for airport expansion.

Why we need political action to rein in the oil, coal and gas companies | video explainer

Guardian News

The Guardian reveals the 20 fossil fuel companies whose relentless exploitation of the world’s oil, gas and coal reserves can be directly linked to more than one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the modern era. Global environment editor, Jonathan Watts, explains how they have continued to expand their operations despite being aware of the industry’s devastating impact on the planet.

19 October 2019

Il negazionismo sul cambiamento climatico è arrivato in Italia, ovviamente in Senato

Mattia Salvia – Rolling Stone Italia

Mentre il collegamento tra cambiamento climatico e attività umane è evidente in tutto il mondo, in Italia il solito Gasparri ha portato in Senato una cricca di negazionisti supportati dalle aziende petrolifere. L’obiettivo? Inquinare il dibattito pubblico

13 October 2019

Protesters arrested in Halifax and Toronto as climate action hits major Canadian cities

Susan Bradley – CBC News

Extinction Rebellion Joined By Doctors And Nurses To Highlight Health Risks Of Climate Change

Chris York – HuffPost UK

Scotland Yard’s latest figures show 1,290 arrests have been made so far.

Arrested at 15: ‘Screw it, school is not as important as the climate’

Tom Hunt – Stuff

Can Extinction Rebellion Build a U.S. Climate Movement Big Enough to Save the Earth?

Alleen Brown – The Intercept

Extinction Rebellion protesters pour fake blood over New York’s capitalist bull

Oliver Milman – The Guardian

Demonstrators were arrested in a wave of US protests that are part of a global week of action by the UK-based group.

I’m an Extinction Rebellion protester and I’ll be disrupting your work commute. Here’s why

Chloe Adams – ABC News

This week thousands of ordinary Australians, and many thousands more across the globe, will disrupt major cities with rolling blockades to draw attention to the climate crisis.

Extinction Rebellion: the arrestables – a photo essay

Kristian Buus – The Guardian

UK-based activists from the climate campaign group explain why they are prepared to be arrested for the cause.

Twitter “Unintentionally” Used Your Phone Number for Targeted Advertising

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: you give a tech company your personal information in order to use two-factor authentication, and later find out that they were using that security information for targeted advertising.

9 October 2019

I’ve Been Arrested | Sarah Clark

Extinction Rebellion

8 October 2019

LGBTQ+ Protesters Rally Outside Supreme Court


LGBTQ+ activists and supporters are protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court as the justices hear the landmark case that will determine if employers can discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Reclaiming the Streets – Extinction Rebellion Podcast Special 2.1

Extinction Rebellion

The Extinction Rebellion Podcast is back with a series of podlets (mini podcasts) from October 2019’s International Rebellion in London.

On Monday the 7th, Extinction Rebellion managed to take 11 sites across the city. Our first podlet is a snapshot of that – reclaiming the streets.

Hear from the people who were there and part of a speech by Weyman Bennett, from Stand Up To Racism.

Everything You Need to Know About [Today’s] Momentous Supreme Court Cases


These three cases will determine whether you can be fired for being LGBTQ+, and will stand as a massive test for our civil rights.

7 October 2019

Extinction Rebellion: dozens of arrests as activists block London roads

The Guardian

Westminster and Trafalgar Square among sites targeted as number of arrests rises to 148.

Extinction Rebellion protests: UK arrests as global demonstrations begin

BBC News

More than 270 people have been arrested in London at the start of two weeks of protests by environmental campaigners.

Extinction Rebellion: Arrests at Sydney and Amsterdam protests

BBC News

Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested as protests take place across the globe.

Police arrest 30 people following climate change protests in Sydney

ABC News

Police have arrested 30 people today following climate change protests on one of the busiest streets in Sydney’s CBD.

‘We have the right to rebel’: Extinction Rebellion begin Westminster shutdown

Guardian News

Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked the road outside Downing Street on Monday morning as they began a planned two-week shutdown of Westminster. Peaceful protesters are targeting 12 areas in central London in an attempt to force meaningful action to tackle the climate crisis. The Metropolitan police said that by 8am there had been 21 arrests, in addition to others over the weekend, with eight people detained on Saturday

Extinction Rebellion protesters disrupt cities in New Zealand and Australia

Guardian News

Climate protesters in Australia and New Zealand have blocked roads and entered banks and energy companies as part of Extinction Rebellion’s planned week of action. Police in Sydney arrested 30 people when about 300 protesters blocked a road near the city centre. Videos uploaded to social media also showed arrests taking place in Brisbane. In Wellington, protesters staged a ‘die-in’ at an ANZ Bank and occupied the foyer of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, while in Melbourne protesters banged on the doors of Energy Australia.

“If We Don’t Protect Nature We Can’t Protect Ourselves” Harrison Ford

Extinction Rebellion

We are facing an emergency resulting from our toxic economic and political system. The way we relate to each other and to nature is destroying Earth’s capacity to sustain life.

Unending economic growth and profits drawn from a planet with limited resources is causing gross inequality, poverty, mass misery, and species extinction.

We are sold an illusion that consumption will bring purpose and happiness into our lives, yet this systemic consumption is threatening our very existence. It is based on unjust and unethical land use and ownership, unsustainable and increasing amounts of debt and enslavement of individuals.

Power and money is concentrated in the hands of the few, while the masses struggle to simply survive. It is causing climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse.

As Greta Thunberg has been saying since the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ last October 31:

‘We can no longer save the world by playing by the rules. Because the rules have to be changed.

Everything needs to change. And it has to start today.

So, everyone out there, it is now time for civil disobedience. It is time to rebel.’

Radiohead – Idioteque

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion would like to thank Radiohead for their gift and gesture of support in donating the proceeds of the OK Computer Bandcamp to Extinction Rebellion around the world. We are grateful to them for gifting us permission to use this song.

Time has almost entirely run out to address the ecological crisis which is upon us, including the 6th mass species extinction, global pollution, and abrupt, runaway climate change. Societal collapse and mass death are seen as inevitable by scientists and other credible voices, with human extinction also a possibility, if rapid action is not taken.

Extinction Rebellion believes it is a citizen’s duty to rebel, using peaceful civil disobedience, when faced with criminal inactivity by their Government.

Extinction Rebellion’s key demands are:

  • Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
  • Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
  • Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice.

6 October 2019

International Rebellion: Worldwide

Extinction Rebellion

The Rebellion will take place across the globe from 7th October.

International Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion

Begins Monday 7 October 2019

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