Hi there!

I’m a privacy advocate that loves democracy.

Back in June 2017 I launched Precisely Private, a guide to online privacy for the general public that I’ve been running ever since.

In April 2021 Precisely Private’s Good Privacy Practices guide earned a mention from the Digital Defence Fund. The DDF is a project established in response to the increased need for security and technology resources in the US abortion rights movement and was among the winners of the 2022 EFF Awards.

I’m also currently maintaining a Mastodon Stats spreadsheet and posting weekly updates based on that.

In December 2022 the spreadsheet was mentioned on a blog post by Hilda Bastian, writer at The Atlantic, scientist and cartoonist.

I love watching TV series, reading books (have you ever started a book club? It’s amazing!) and playing board games with friends.

You can email me at preciselyprivate [at] proton [dot] me 🔑
You can message me on Matrix @tobiaalberti:matrix.org

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